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Made in His Excellence!

I grew up in a home where fights, disputes, hurts and pains were the norm. Sibling rivalry was everyday living and some days you would have to choose which side you were on; Mummy’s or Daddy’s. At about nine years old my father left home and that was the beginning of a tumultuous journey for me; my home was increasingly becoming a war zone.
At the age of fourteen I became a victim of domestic violence and verbal abuse. Lost my virginity without my permission and became suicidal. Attempted suicide twice but GOD!!! I didn’t believe in God for a long time and blamed God for everything that happened to me, while I continued to make foolish decisions.
As I grew older, I became a rebel. Fights every day, poor behaviour at school: I was the typical misfit in society.
Drugs, sex and alcohol became so familiar to me.
My self-esteem was so low and to look into the mirror was daunting. I didn’t believe that I was beautiful or anything worth looking at. Hid behind my walls of ignorance, selfishness and anger. Messed up a lot of great opportunities and turned down a lot of life changing chances.
I couldn’t imagine being a wife or mother, simply because I didn’t see what God was seeing in me. My marriage was on the rocks many times…BUT GOD!!

Today, I am a proud wife, biological mother of three, have many others that I claim as my own. I had an ugly past but I was determined to have a beautiful future. The limitations that beset me, I made them into opportunities.

I used what we all have and that is CHOICE. I CHOSE to do better and by the Grace of God I am here. I am delivered from the stronghold of rejection, abandonment and low- self esteem. I am FREE in Jesus Christ. I have seen value of my past and the powerful hand of God over my life. I have been given the mantle to teach and preach the word of God in which I do boldly. As the Overseer and Founder of Fresh Oil Ministries International, I stand as a representation of the Kingdom of Heaven and I am governed by the Word of God and His Holy Spirit. My heart is blessed when I can help others.
My mission is to help others fulfill their purpose and help them in their spiritual journey. I am gifted with the ability to produce just the right programs to help others achieve their spiritual growth goals. My business and my ministry is not seperated. The King of Glory lives in me.